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Growing up, my family owned a brown and cream Kombi that really became part of the family. Mum was well known for driving the four of us, and our two dogs, everywhere. There are plenty of stories and plenty of memories in that awesome car! When Tara and I began planning our marriage , the Kombi became a central figure as it represented wonderful memories of Mum and my family. My Dad and brother, Daniel surprised us with Grace. When she turned up to take my fiance, Tara to the church on our wedding day, Tara was ecstatic! Driving through the rolling hills, I closed my eyes and listened to the hum of Grace's engine and reminisced on the wonderful memories our Kombi gave our family and the wonderful memories of Mum. It was important to Tara and I to remember our loved ones and Grace helped us achieve this on our most important day. Thank you to Francine and the crew for making this happen.

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